Our consultants are trained and experienced to answer questions you may about your Apple® device. We strive to find the solutions for your needs.

• We pride ourselves with being honest about the decisions facing you.

• We will lay out all options available to you base on the issue(s) you are facing.

• We have referred people to places if it means they can get the best out of whatever situation facing them.

General Prices

• $44 Diagnostics prepaid when you check in your Apple® device.

This covers all diagnostics and ensures that we will report back to you when the diagnostics are complete. The $44 will be credited to any further repairs should you decide to continue fixing your device(s). We will further inform you of expected issues and value of repairs

• $88 = standard hourly rate.

It is applicable after diagnostics, or during consultation. This is usually the minimum charge, but we will let you know if you are exceeding that threshold.

• $110 is our hourly rate, when we make house calls.

Instead of coming to our office, we can come directly to you! Give us a call on our office number, and setup an appointment with one of our highly-trained, and experienced, consultants. They will be there on time and ready to work out your issues. Additional charges may apply if appointments are being held outside of Tallahassee. Please call the office for details on pricing, or other information.